Aluminum Detox
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Removing toxins from the body is a process that the liver and other parts of the body perform on a regular basis. The liver & kidney filter and purify the blood using the nutrients provided from our diet. Often, toxins are located within the cell, not in the blood stream, and the liver does not have access to remove the toxins.

Homeopathy is an excellent natural supplement that helps transfer toxic substances across the cell membrane from inside the cell (often the neuron, the brain cell), to the blood stream. Once the toxic substance is in the blood stream, the liver has access to clear out of the body.

Our 2-part homeoptahic detox is geared at supporting the body's natural ability to remove neurotoxic aluminum.

These homeopathics do contain Lactose. Those with severe dairy allergies should avoid. Those on dairy-free diets that are not severely allergic should tolerate these supplements, because they do NOT contain milk protein or milk fat.

Recommended dosing: 4 tablets of Silicea 6X in water, drank throughout the day, 5 pellets of Aluminium 30X in water, drank throughout the day.

These two homeopathics come together as a kit. They are not sold separately.

Do not mix the two homeopathics, drink them separately.

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Aluminum Detox

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